Cydia™ is Debian APT on the iPhone. Think AppStore, but with packages you could never get direct through Apple. Created by Jay Freeman (saurik), Cydia™ is a feature-rich AppStore competitor. Full themes to completely make over your iPhone's & iPod Touch look are available through WinterBoard. Video recording is possible using Cycorder or Video Recorder for 3G. You can share your iPhone's 3G connection with your laptop using PdaNet, or get free music, videos, and torrents using dTunes. Take complete control of your iPhone with SBSettings.

cydiaYou'll find Cydia™ right there on your iPhone after you jailbreak your iPhone. Using it is easy - browse the categories, check what's new, or peruse the featured section to see the current popular apps. There's hundreds (getting into the thousands) of themes to choose from. Cydia™ is easily searchable via the iPhone - but if you're wanting to browse what's available from your browser.

OR copy deb file into DIR var\root\mobile\media\Cydia\AutoInstall, and reboot iPhone/iPod Touch

You can download Cydia (deb, v1.1.23) here

Result for iRastignac

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Name: Rasticrac
Version: 3.0c5
Updated: 2015-10-04
Price: free
Description: **NOW WORKS ON ARMv7s DEVICES (iPhone 5, iPad Mini etc..) - In Mobile Terminal or Putty simply "rasticrac" or "rasticrac -m" (Menu) to select one of these apps and then to crack. You Can set settings by navigating to /usr/bin and opening rasticrac in any text editor. I recommend this as you are able to auto add cracker name and set compression levels. If you are stuck please see our guides on iOS cracking at
Dependence: wget gawk com.ericasadun.utilities odcctools zip org.appaddict.ldone adv-cmds inetutils coreutils coreutils-bin com.sbcoders.speak
Size: 24636
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Download: .deb

Rating: 1.9/5 (17 votes cast)

Section: [iPhoneCake]
Name: Rasticrac (Pre Release)
Version: 3.0.8
Updated: 2024-02-13
Price: free
Description: Updated with iOS7 compatibility. Please TEST your crack before release! '.DANGER' suffix is removed in the version.
Dependence: com.ericasadun.utilities odcctools zip gawk wget adv-cmds uuid ldone inetutils coreutils coreutils-bin aslrtools
Size: 22128
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Download: .deb